June 13, 2018

RE: Approval of Prosper Rigel Project

As we have stated before, we anticipated and, therefore, are not surprised by AER’s approval of the Project. The AER interprets its mandate very narrowly with respect to protecting our rights as Cree and Dene people. It dismissed the cumulative effects of the Project and the constitutional promises made by the Premiers of Alberta to enhance the protection of the Moose Lake area. We have already begun the process to take legal action against the Government of Alberta and the AER to protect our interests.

As a regulatory body, AER clearly has little understanding of, or respect for, our Treaty rights, or who we are as a First Nation community that has occupied this territory for millennia.

AER hedged in regard to Fort McKay’s key concern: the approval of development within the Moose Lake area before the approval of the Moose Lake Access Management Plan (MLAMP), which is currently in development and just months from completion. AER deferred the final decision to Cabinet.

We are, of course, deeply disappointed with the AER’s decision and we will challenge its decision on this Project in the court system.


Chief Jim Boucher