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Privately Owned Business

There are many successful entrepreneurs from Fort McKay who have started and grown their own businesses. FMFN is proud of their achievements and would like to see them develop as they are a key part of the local economy. They are referred to as Independent Businesses because they are not owned or operated by FMFN.

It is important for industry to understand that these businesses are not part of FMFN’s Nation Owned Companies and therefore:

› Are owned and/or operated by entrepreneurs who are from Fort McKay
› FMFN has no ownership interest
› FMFN has no financial interest
› FMFN has no operational input

Adrenaline Cats

Adrenaline Cats is a 100% Aboriginally, locally owned company that provides on-site construction services, water hauling, sewer services, low-bed trucking, and heavy and light duty equipment repair.

Adrenaline Logo

Jamie Boucher, Owner
Phone: (780)828-4332

Dena Doucet, Office Manager
Phone: (780)828-4332

PO Box 5387 Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3G4

Birch Mountain Enterprises Ltd.

Birch Mountain Enterprises is a team of proven and dependable fluid handling and steaming specialists. BME primarily serves Fort McMurray’s oil sands clients, with expertise in hydro-vac, vacuum, semi-vac, portable water, raw water, high-pressure steam, combo-vac, and fuel.

BME Logo

Chris Wilson, Director & Owner
Ivan Boucher, Director & Owner
Lee Wilson, Director & Owner
Phone: (780) 824-1128

PO Box 5445 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3G4

Boucher Trucking Ltd.

Boucher Trucking’s services include heavy equipment and general oil field hauling in the Fort McMurray area. It also provides mobile structure and general freight hauling across western Canada.

Brian Boucher, Owner

Phone: (780) 381-7587

The Bouchier Group

The Bouchier Group is a leading provider of contracting and site services in the oil sands. Its services include roads and grounds maintenance, civil construction and earthworks, drilling program support, building and facility maintenance, project management, and security, medical, and fire services.

Bouchier Logo

JD MacCuish, Director of Strategic Growth
Phone: (780) 790-1682
Fax: (780) 790-1594

PO Box 6607 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5N4

Custom Carvings Corporation

Custom Carvings is a Fort McKay art studio that creates figurines from horn, bone, and soapstone.

Custom Carvings

Shawn McClure, Owner
Phone: 780-215-7056

Custom Threads Inc.

Custom Threads is a Fort McKay design company that provides personalized embroidery services for clothing.

Custom Threads

Shawn McClure, Owner
Phone: 780-838-1983

Deneyu Mechanical Services

Deneyu provides heavy equipment field repair in the Fort McMurray area.

Stephen Ganter, Owner

Phone: (780)714-4656

Fort McKay Enterprises Ltd.

Fort McKay Enterprises Ltd., provides onsite paramedical services for oil and gas drilling and exploration, construction, mining and other industry worksites.

Fort McKay Enterprises Ltd’s Civil Construction division is a key growth area for the company. Our construction team includes seasoned professionals with significant experience in oilfield civil works, timber salvage, winter drilling programs, access road construction, right-of-way preparation, de-watering, reclamation, mining projects, utility projects and other civil related projects.

Fort McKay Enterprises Ltd. owns and operates a light and heavy duty mechanical shop, which also houses our welding and fabrication division.

Fort McKay Enterprises Ltd.

Stan Laurent, Owner
Phone: (780) 828-4302
Box 5271 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3G3

Fort McKay Industrial

Fort McKay Industrial is a 51% Aboriginally owned, full service scaffold and insulation supply company that has developed a strategic partnership with Standard Scaffold & Insulation Inc. Its focus on the industrial and commercial sectors has seen great success, with major project capabilities ranging from CNRL Horizon, Grizzly Oil Sands SAGD Project, and a strong relationship with Clark Builders. Fort McKay Industrial constitutionally contributes to research and development in areas that support the petro-chemical, oil and gas, and power industries.

FM Industrial Logo

Robb Campre, President
Cell: 780-902-2622
Office: 780-747-1183

PO Box 5040 Station Main Ft. McMurray, AB  T9H 3G2

Fort McKay Resources Ltd.

Established in 1995, Fort McKay Resources is an Aboriginally owned business group that offers specialized technical services to oil sands owners and contractors in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

FM Resources Logo

Melvin Grandjamb, Owner
Phone: (780) 828-4000
Fax: (780) 828-4002

Fort McKay Store

Fort McKay Store is a convenient gas station and grocery store located in the community.

Ruth McKenzie, Owner
Phone: (780) 828–4223

General Delivery Fort McKay, AB  T0P 1G0

Nisto Consulting

Nisto Consulting specializes in the development and delivery of cross-cultural training workshops. Using historical accounts and personal narrative, Holly Fortier draws upon the wisdom and experiences of family, Elders, Indigenous academics, artists, and community members to introduce powerful themes. Holly uses a highly structured approach, which provides ample opportunity for discussion and reflection upon information that is often completely new for participants. This approach is complemented by an engaging, thoughtful, sensitive, and interactive facilitation style that makes Holly’s sessions thought-provoking and enjoyable.

Holly Fortier, Owner

Poplar Beaver Creek Contracting Ltd.

Poplar Beaver Creek is a heavy equipment contracting company based in Fort McKay.

Gilbert McDonald, Owner
Phone: (780) 714-8961
Angela Maxson, Manager
Phone: (250) 308-7871

Queens Carrier

Queens Carrier is a medical transportation company that provides services throughout northern Alberta.

Hermalene Wilson, Owner
Office: (780) 881-8294
Fax: (780) 750-6081

Sakasteew Transportation Ltd.

Sakasteew Transportation is an Aboriginally owned company that has been operating in the Regional Wood Buffalo area for the past 12 years. From shuttle services and tours to special trips, it provides safe, reliable transportation services to the resource development sector and surrounding communities.

Sakasteew Logo

Marie Boucher, President
Phone: (780) 838-5920
Fax: (780) 828-4019

General Delivery Fort McKay, AB  T0P 1C0

Shott Earthworks Inc.

Shott Earthworks Inc. is a company owned by Fort McKay First Nations band member Bobby Shott. Bobby was inspired by the leadership and mentoring of Chief Jim Bouchier and CEO Jim Carbery, and after many years of service and experience gained in the oil sands, he is proud to have partnered with the Dechant brothers.  Many will recognize the Dechant name due to the high standard performed over and over again throughout the 35 years that Dechant Construction Ltd. has been in the civil earthworks and clearing industry. Shott Earthworks’ services include pipeline and utility corridor clearing, site clearing and brushing, logging, road and civil site maintenance, reclamation, log haul, civil site construction and development, and underground sewer and water work.

Shott Logo

Bobby Shott, President
Phone: 780-370-7217

Suite 208, 9914 Morrison Street Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4A4

Office Phone: (780) 926-4411
Office Fax: (780) 926-4415

McKay Southwood Drilling Ltd.

McKay Drilling is a partnership with SouthWood Drilling and is 51% aboriginally owned. Their equipment is retrofitted with a range of specialty tools, including a air/water combination that is operated by joy stick and toggle switches from the cab, multiple cameras for better drilling control, and other custom designed equipment that help provide high quality drilling services. They also offer the option of either standard rigs or retrofitted track units when operating in deep snow. In support there are a range of support vehicles and personal as required.


  • Seismic exploration services including shot holes
  • Air/water hydrovac drilling solutions
  • Geo-phone extraction

Alex Moses, Owner
Phone: 780-742-4029

33A Athabasca River Dr, Fort McKay, AB  T0P 1C0

One Stop Shop Industrial Ltd.

One Stop Shop Industrial is a wholesale industrial products supplier that provides consumables to the oil and gas industry in and around Fort McMurray.

Shawn McClure
Phone: 780-215-7056

504 Target Road, Fort McKay General Delivery, T0P 1C0

NorthCor Construction

Northcor Construction is an integrated general contracting company specializing in general civil construction, Maintenance and site services, and pipe fabrication and installation construction. Northcor has the expertise to support all stages of construction execution.

Stuart Tourangeau, Owner
Phone: (780) 747-4663

PO BOX 22219
501, 8600 Franklin ave
Fort mcmurray ab
T9H 5B6

Ogakie Integrity Limited

Ogakie Integrity Limited (OIL), established in 2017, is a Partnership firm with Robb Campre, a member of Fort McKay First Nation and as well as the owner of Ogakie Industries AND Kal Selvam, a prominent consultant in the deployment of Technical, Management and Inspection Personnel in various Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Development Projects of Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta, in general and Fort McMurray, in particular.

Our Core Services:

1.Non-Destructive Testing, including Welding Visual Inspection with CWB certified Level 1, 2, 3 Inspectors and

2.Liquid Penetration Test, Magnetic Particle Test, Ultrasonic Test, Radiography Test with CGSB certified Technicians.

Robb Campre 
Phone: 780 902 2622

Kal Selvam
Phone: 780 972 7929