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Fort McKay First Nation (FMFN) is composed of over 800 band members with approximately 400 members residing in the hamlet of Fort McKay — a community located approximately 65 km north of Fort McMurray along the shores of the Athabasca River in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. It is a signatory to Treaty 8, and belongs to the Athabasca Tribal Council. As a community, Fort McKay boasts a longstanding history dating back to 1820 when the Hudson Bay Company first built a trading post near the current site. In 1912, the community was named after Dr. William Morrison MacKay—Alberta’s first resident doctor and the first President of the Northern Alberta Medical Association.

Currently, the community has a total population of over 800 people, including members who are of Cree and Dene heritage. The First Nation is managed by an elected Chief and Council and senior administrative body, led by the Band’s CEO—all of whom work closely with the Fort McKay Métis Local #63 on matters concerning the community. The Fort McKay Band also has reserves at Namur Lake #174B and Gardiner Lakes #174A—approximately 50 km northwest of Fort McKay.

As a First Nation, FMFN is a leader in working collaboratively with industry, and holds a successful and long established record of strong relationship building with the various mining companies operating adjacent to its land. Given the importance of its relationship with industry and its impact on the community, FMFN recently created a new organization—the Sustainability Department—dedicated to building greater efficiency and community access to information and services while continuing its tradition of working with industry for the betterment of the community.

Fort McKay has aimed to maximize its participation in the economy to create sustainable, long-term growth and development within Aboriginal communities. Given its geographic location, Fort McKay has had many opportunities to work with several oil sands industries through developing its own companies. In 1986, the Fort McKay Group of Companies was established, which is fully owned and operated by the community. The Group serves a number of corporate clients in northeastern Alberta: from the oil sands, pipelines and forestry industries to the public sector. In addition to this, Fort McKay First Nation has also established numerous Joint Venture Companies.

Fort Mckay Recreation and Cultural Society

Mandate: To support recreational; and cultural activities in the community of Fort McKay

Fort McKay boasts numerous recreation facilities, including playgrounds and parks, a baseball diamond, as well as a community arena offering a range of recreational opportunities for the entire community.
The Fort McKay Recreational and Cultural Society oversees and manages recreational programs, playgrounds and other recreational facilities in Fort McKay.
Board members are: Mel Grandjamb President
Rod Hyde: Secretary / Treasurer
Dwayne Bacon: Director

Contact: Rod Hyde at

Fort McKay North wind Dancers

Fort McKay 2015 Treaty Day Parade Special Events

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