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FUNDING VS.                                         INFRASTRUCTURE
            CONTRIBUTIONS                                       DEVELOPMENT

            FMFN is a net benefit to the Canadian economy. Similar to a small   FMFN needs to build and maintain infrastructure such as roads,
            town or municipality, FMFN receives selective funding from regional,   schools and community centers. Over the years, the Nation has been
            provincial and federal governments. This government funding is   following a community development plan to build the necessary
            program specific for things like education, infrastructure or health.  infrastructure required in our community. The Nation does not receive
                                                                government funding for infrastructure, except in select cases, so
            The average funding FMFN received between 2011-2015 was $3M   allocates profits from its business to pay for these expenditures.
            per year.
                                                                Some years, FMFN receives generous funding from oil sands
            By contrast, over these same 5 years, FMFN and its 10 companies   companies located in the area.
            generated an excess of $200 million dollars annually in salary and
            wages that are paid to staff in Alberta. From this, over $70 million   In 2016, as part of the community development plan, FMFN spent
            dollars in taxes, CPP and EI were remitted to the Federal Government.  $27.8M on infrastructure.

                                 $3M                                                      FMFN would like
                    FEDERAL, PROVINCIAL,                                                  to thank Suncor,
                                                                        CAPITAL                    CAPITAL
                                                                      CONSTRUCTION        for their generous
                            $70M                                                          contribution to
                             AVERAGE      FMFN 10 COMPANIES
                                                                                          the Elders' Long
                                                                                          Term Care Facility.
                                                                   Housing  ($2.4M)           Housing (8%)
                                                                   Core Buildings*  ($25.4M)  Youth Center  (16%)
                                                                             Youth Center  ($4.5M)  Long Term Care Facility  (64%)
                                                                             Long Term Care Facility ($18M)  Sports Arena  (4%)
            SOURCE OF                                                        Sports Arena  ($1M)
            FUNDS                                                            Technical Management of

                                                                             Projects  ($1.9M)
            Like any small town or municipality, there is an annual cost to running
            Fort McKay. The Nation must maintain its own roads, build, repair,   *Majority of funding for Core Buildings  was received from oil sands companies
            maintain and insure its buildings, run a K-9 school with afterschool
            programs, run an alternative high school, as well as pay electrical and
            heating costs.                                      FORT MCKAY YOUTH
                                                                CENTER, 2016
            It must provide youth programs and sports teams, as well as an elders
            center, and soon, a long-term care facility.

            The Nation also pays the salaries and benefit costs for its
            administration staff, as well as teachers, doctors, nurses and other
            specialists providing community services.

            Each year, the Nation creates a budget to provide these critical
            programs and services. On average, 5% of the funds for this budget
            are allocated by federal or provincial government sources (approx.
            $3-4M). The remaining 95% is generated by FMFN each year through
            its business ventures – namely profits from its companies and

            95%                      5%

            BY FMFN

                                               Fort McKay First Nation – 2016 Year In Review
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