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            ANNUAL ADDRESS
            TO INDUSTRY

               This year marks Fort McKay First Nation’s (FMFN) 30  year in business.
               We recognize that the success our Nation enjoys in its businesses

               today has been achieved with the help and support of energy and
                natural resource companies over the past three decades.

               The Nation entered into business in 1986 when    for important services and programs in Fort McKay
               we formed a small cleaning service to provide six   such as education, healthcare and housing.
               janitors to Syncrude. This business was formed to
               provide employment for our community members,    Industry also extended economic opportunities
               and generate some profits which we could use to pay   and their support to Fort McKay’s community
               for services in our community such as education.  members who have become entrepreneurs and have
                                                                established and grown their own businesses in the
               From there, our journey in business began and along   oil sands. With this comes our community member’s
               the way energy and natural resource companies have   economic independence and a stronger Fort McKay
               given us the opportunities to create new companies   as a whole.
               and grow our existing ones. Today the Nation owns
               a portfolio of 10 companies and is one of the most   The relationship that the Nation has with industry,
               economically successful First Nations in Canada.   both today and in the past, has not been without
               Our 10 companies generate annual profits which   its challenges on issues of both business and the
               comprise over 50% of our annual budget that pays   environment. However, we have always taken the

                                               Fort McKay First Nation – 2016 Year In Review
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