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position that we will work with industry to balance   solutions can be found. We believe that Aboriginal
               natural resource development with environmental   groups must be heard as a key voice in this national
               protection. We understand that oil is the dominant   dialogue and that their concerns must be understood
               energy source in today’s world and provides for   and mitigated. Aboriginals must also have full
               everything from gasoline to plastic; yet we must not   economic participation in energy projects, which
               forget the air we breathe, the water we drink and the   means employment, construction contracting
               land which grows our food is equally important.  opportunities and equity ownership, especially in
               We believe balance is possible and we will continue
               to advocate and strive for sustainable environmental   Equity is the most important of these areas because
               management, and our Nation’s economic inclusion   a year of employment or contracting work, while
               in the industry which surrounds it. We are keenly   the pipeline is being built is not worth the 50 years
               aware of the rest of the world’s perception of the   of the environmental impact the pipeline carries.
               oil sands as well as the challenges which oil, gas   Ownership in projects enable Aboriginal groups to
               and pipeline companies are experiencing with local   receive economic benefits over the entire life of a
               communities across Canada. Due to the world’s    pipeline which occupies their territory.
               dependence on hydrocarbons and the lack of current
               viable alternatives, oil and gas development will be   Despite pipelines being the safest method of oil and
               an important part of Canada’s economy for years to   gas transportation, risk will always be present in
               come.                                            any infrastructure asset, pipeline or otherwise, and
                                                                therefore so must be economic inclusion. Ownership
               However, development should be done with the     gives communities the economic resources to
               highest environmental standards and for the      better understand projects and work with pipeline
               inclusive economic benefits of all.              operators to take an active role in ensuring their
                                                                environmental concerns are properly managed over
               Simply turning off the taps for oil is not an    the life of the project.
               option today, but gradually, Canada’s economy
               will transition to alternative energy sources as   Projects must receive the
               new technology becomes available and existing
               technology becomes more economical.              consent of impacted Aboriginal
                                                                groups before they can
               In order for companies, individuals and
               governments in Canada to have the money to invest   proceed. To do this, project
               in advancing these new technologies, we need to   owners must engage with
               have a strong economy as poverty is the death of
               innovation. At the same time, we need to conserve   Aboriginal groups to a degree
               resources and ensure oil development occurs      they have never done before.
               under the most stringent environmental protection

               We feel that the challenges ahead for Canada’s
               energy sector are not insurmountable and workable

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