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Lastly, we must not forget the role of the individual in Canada’s resource conservation.
                         The hard truth is that oil companies are only serving the needs which we all create
                         everyday with our choices. The cars we drive and the plastic products we purchase
                         all began as oil in the earth. We all must take responsibility for changing our own
                         behaviors toward conservation of this finite resource.

                         We thought it important to highlight the dichotomy of business and the environment
                         here in our annual letter because it was a reoccurring theme throughout the year and
                         has been for our Nation since the beginning of oil sands development in the 1970s.
                         Rather than be paralyzed by this conflict, we choose instead to move forward on the
                         belief that balance is achievable and we will continue to seek and move towards it while
                         working with likeminded partners along the way.

                         Chief and Council
                         fort mckay first nation

                         December 2016

                                               Fort McKay First Nation – 2016 Year In Review
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