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               FMFN is organized into two (2) units: Administration and Business Portfolio. While separate, they
               share the common goal of building a strong and healthy community in Fort McKay. Administration is
               responsible for the provision of services and governance in the community.

               The Business Portfolio is composed of ten (10) companies. The eight (8) majority owned companies
               are managed by a dedicated team who oversee the Nation’s interests in these businesses. The two (2)
               wholly owned companies are part of the Fort McKay Group of Companies (FMGOC) which has its own
               executive team responsible for day to day operations.

                                           Chief & Council

                                                                               BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                        ADMINISTRATION                   BUSINESS                      FMGOC
                      George Arcand Jr., ceo          Barrie Robb, ceo              Adam King, ceo

                          DEPARTMENTS                    COMPANIES                    COMPANIES

                              Finance                Barge Landing Lodge       Fort McKay Strategic Services
                           Sustainability            Caribou Energy Park          Fort McKay Logistics
                        Community Services            First North Catering
                           Special Events            Poplar Point Catering
                             Education                Fort McKay Savanna
                      OHS & Emergency Services     Hammerstone Corporation
                       Construction & Facilities          Dene Koe
                           Maintenance               Creeburn Lake Lodge

                                                                 BUSINESS PORTFOLIO
                                                                      10 Companies

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